WATCH: Vandy players discuss impact of win over Tennessee in 2016

WATCH: Vandy players discuss impact of win over Tennessee in 2016

Arguably the biggest win in Vanderbilt’s history occurred last November when the Commodores shocked the Tennessee Volunteers during the season finale in Nashville. Tennessee led by as many as 17 points in the first half, but the Commodores outscored the Vols 21-3 in the second half and eventually won, 45-34. During their SEC Media Day sessions, quarterback Kyle Shurmur and running back Ralph Webb discussed the impact that win has had over the program and how it could catapult Vandy into a successful 2017 campaign.

Head coach Derek Mason also offered his thoughts on the victory, reflecting on how special that game felt, while also explaining how the program is moving forward.

“For me personally, it took us to a different spot. It took me to a different place. It took me all of the way back to my first game at Vanderbilt University and time delays and the storms and the unkept expectations to now truly understanding exactly where we were. You know, on a cool November night, we’re sitting there and we’re watching Vanderbilt play as good of football as any team in the country, and that’s a special moment.

I just had a chance to see the video when I was sitting in the back, and it always stirs up emotion. It takes me back to that time. But here’s the thing, I know this, that was one moment in time. This program’s got to go forward. That’s only the beginning. Okay? We built something here on West End that we know is special. I’m not trying to convince anybody to get behind it. The movement’s already started. We’re here. We’re moving in the right direction.”

— Derek Mason



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